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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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A story for librarians revenge

Molly S.Posted by Molly S. 19 Nov, 2009 05:13PM


There was once 4 girls, Kellie, Charlette, Mellisa and Tiffiney.

One fine summers afternoon, Melissa and her friend Emily were on there bikes and were biking around the block, half way round they stopped as there friend Kellie was playing with her friends. Mellisa and Emily Began to play with Kellie and her friends Charlette and Tiffeny.

after a few hours Emily went home and Melissa carried on playing with her other friends, After a while A boy came out named Christifer, Mellisa and Christerfer did not get on.

After a few Weeks, Mellisa fell out with Kellie, and Charlette, So Mellisa had fell out with everyone except Her new friend Tiffeny!

Mellisa never went and played with them again, But Tiffeny regually came round Mellisa's and they had fun together, Kellie and Charlette and Christerfer have not played wiht Melisa since!!

And Mellisa and Tiffeny lived happily ever after as great buddies!!

Based on real life on land!