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waking the blood lake by billy hards and leo oakley

Leif AhnlandPosted by Leo oakley 17 Nov, 2009 12:10PM

waking the blood lake

alexis opened his eyes as a sunlight flooded over his pale white skin. he sat up his body aching, the previous morning the school bully had... well lets just say he had, had a an incident with him.

he drifted over to his wardrobe and opened the door as he was getting changed his mother called '' alexis hurry up '' half asleep he shouted back '' BLOODY HELL MUM GIVE ME A CHANCE... i have just got up.

he left the house with break fast still in hand, he rushed to school. He saw his best friend to who his horror was being beaten up by mike the school bully. Alexis felt a fire raging inside him that he coudn't control, without thought he lunged at mike he punched and dribble of blood came from his lip. Everything was a blur, it was like nothing in the world matterd, except the blood,he couldn't help him self, he pounced at mike and attacked him, aming for his neck. The next thing he knew he was conscience, as his vision became less blurred, he looked at joe,there was terror in his eyes,BLOODY HELL w w what is wrong with you y y you b b bit him you freak w we were only messing. He murmered somthing under his breath and ran.

The bell rang Alexis came out of geography and started to walk home, when he saw mike walking past holding his neck. then he unfortunally saw... to be continuid ( please correct grammer mistakes)

Posted by Leo oakley 26 Nov, 2009 05:05PM

hey leo ur doing great