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How to understand a nerd...

Connor BellPosted by Connor Bell 14 Nov, 2009 01:11AM
I'm sorry for this possibly not being meant for the blog, but this is hands down the best description of me I have ever heard in my entire life. I'm sure this counts for alot of nerds/geeks too. It is absolutely incredible, if any of you wish to understand or try to understand why a nerd is like they are, read this! It isn't very long, but it is absolutely incredible.

~Connor 'MakeShift' Bell

Posted by Harley T. 19 Jan, 2010 03:57PM

nerds are easy to understand :p DURRRR its obvious

how woul u know how to understand a nerd knowone really knows u treat them how u want them to treat u

Posted by Joe Pearson 18 Nov, 2009 11:49PM

Bro, the forum still won't let me log on for some reason, was going to treat you all to a bit o' my story too!