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diary of lady elizabeth!!!!

Ocean MayPosted by Ocean May 09 Nov, 2009 11:23AM

Dear Diary.

32nd may.

I am really tired. Last night me and mother, had one of what she call’s mother, daughter time, though it still feel’s really awaked around my parent’s, though they have been vary welcoming.

I still haven’t managed to work out what it was that made my father send me away, I figured it was probably because he wanted a son, so that he could take over from father when he dies.

I know mother wanted me and I know that father isn’t so keen on me, but he’s nice to me and buy’s me new dresses all the time, but I suppose that’s because he want’s to make a good impression and because he doesn’t want Bartley my fiancé to go of me, him having a lot of money may help, just a little.

Mother just came in and said that I needed to go down and pick a dress for I am to attend my FIRST EVER BALL to night.

I am so excited, got to go….

Lady Elizabeth.