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diary of lady elizabeth!!!

Ocean MayPosted by Ocean May 09 Nov, 2009 11:21AM


Diary of lady Elizabeth!

1st may. I woke up this morning with no dust in my eye’s, no scratchy cover over me, no lily beside me. Instead there was a white poodle on my leg’s a steamy full breakfast on the table beside me and a strange man, I toke to be a servant, fanning me. I remember the feeling of confusion and worry and I remember sitting up to a full furnished room a rich coloured dress hanging from a hanger on the door.

It hit me so hard I feel down on my pillow, last night’s event’s came back to me, I was no longer an orphan, slavering away on the kitchen floor, no longer plain lizzy but lady Elizabeth the daughter of

Mr and lady cloria, the richest people in the whole of Norfolk. Of cause I new of them but I didn’t now they were my parent’s …….. oh my err dad’s here bye.

Lady Elizabeth.