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waters edge!!! The bit 4 the book!!!

Ocean MayPosted by Ocean May 05 Nov, 2009 09:46AM

The sun was now no more then a small orange tennis ball, high above one of the

mountains in the west. The trees slowly swaying from side to side, as if dancing to a song. The birds disappearing in to the trees, getting ready for the night. The car jolted as Elizabeth went over a bump in the road. She snapped out of all thought’s she might have had, too focused again on the long windy road, that lay ahead of her. A sign flashed up in a second as Elizabeth went past. Elizabeth’ foot went down hard on the brake’s and the car stopped and lounged forward a bit. Elizabeth reversed back to the sign and sighed as once again she read those two short words’, the word’s she had read so many times before in the last year, Hemsby.

She had only been driving a few minuets before she had to reach for the brakes again with her right foot.

A man in his mid forty’s was walking in the middle on the road with a backpack on his wide shoulder blades. The man turned in slow motion towards Elizabeth. Elizabeth sat transfixed to her seat. Her heart was pumping wildly and Elizabeth was sure it would burst any second. She slapped her arm hard and the stern look returned to her face. Elizabeth sighed a sigh of irritation as the man started to walk towards her.

Her hair was tied back firmly into a tight bun. The tightness of the bun hurt her roots and face. At first when Elizabeth had tried this new hairstyle she had had tears in her eye’s for the entire day, the pain had shot through her as she had sat and listened and copied Spanish. Elizabeth tried not to dwell on that day, it had been eight year’s since and that day was one she tried to keep at the back of her mind. The man had now reached the car and was tapping gently on the window.

Elizabeth sighed again and pressed the button to allow the man to talk.

“Eh sorry but are you heading to Hemsby.” The man showed no sign of embarrassment and only smiled and Elizabeth which made her even more tense which irritated her.

Elizabeth felt like telling a lie. She didn’t want some man in her car when she could have it to her self. It was not that she was selfish only that she needed time alone and if she did give the man a lift that wouldn’t help her. She nearly did say no, but there was a rumble above In the sky and big fat rain drop’s started to fall all around them.

If she said no now she was sure she would regret it and besides it was probable one of those thing’s where he would turn up out of nowhere and there would be a lot of questions. She sighed for the third time in the last ten minuets and nodded once and then indicated to the man to get in.

She tapped her fingers on the dashboard as the man got in.

He smiled once and then seemed to focus on the road ahead. Elizabeth moved the car gently out on the road her thought’s quickly going back to hemsby.

She was thinking so hard over Hemsby that she vary nearly hit a pheasant that was crossing the road. The Car turned in a circle and Elizabeth’s hands flew of the steering wheel, which sent spinning around madly in the middle of the road.

The man easily and calmly lent over and took hold of the steering wheel, gently easing the car back in a straight line.

He leaned over and said.

“Maybe you should relax a little.” Julian Atlantic said caching her eye and holding it for just a little longer then necessary.

Elizabeth looked into his eye's and was reminded of a not so fond memory.

“I know how to drive thank- you.” Elizabeth snapped She turned her back on Julian and stared straight ahead her eye’s peeled to the road. She pulled sharply up at a traffic light and tightened her lips and turned her head to look out the window to her right, only to come face to face to a giant picture of herself, with “Ellie Fay said no more.” Underneath it. She took a large breath and let it out slowly.

“Blimey you and Ellie Fay look exactly alike, wait a minuet you’re not her are you?” Julian asked, peering at her closely and then peering pasted her at the giant picture of her at the last premier. She was wearing a short purple frock that was tight at the top and then puffy at the bottom, it was what people back home…… no she told herself, that was her last home, it’s not home anymore, shell is my home now. She looked back at the picture of her self and sighed, her hair had been left down and in the picture her hair was half across her face, Elizabeth could remember the moment as if it where yesterday, wait it had been yesterday hadn’t it, She had been so busy she fagot what day it was, She had been standing talking to the photographers, telling them she had finished acting for the time being, but may be come back in a few years when a great big gust of wind had blown, it had started of just small to begin with, that was when the picture had been taken and then Elizabeth remembered she had wanted the photo’s to stop so that she could just run off home and finish packing her stuff, when an even bigger gust of wind had blown the camera’s out of the photographer’s hand’s and sent them chasing them along the red carpet. Elizabeth shudder, at first she had not looked back at it, but now she saw what a coincident it was.

“Are you.” Justin said again and it sounded like he had been waiting a long time. Just then the traffic light changed and they moved on past the picture. Justin twisted round and watched it go, initial they turned a corner and then he sat down again and stared at Elizabeth.

“am I what.?” Elizabeth was irritated and annoyed that she had to answer; she had also forgotten what he had asked.

“Are you or are you not Ellie Fay?

“Oh yeah I suppose so, though call me Elizabeth, Ellie’s sort of a stage name, you now.” Elizabeth had decided that she could trust this man.

He seamed to know that she didn’t want any fuss so he just said a silent “oh” and turned to stare out the window.

Elizabeth could tell he wanted to know more and though she didn’t normally tell people, she felt the need to tell this man that she had only met a few short minuet’s ago and was now sitting in her car.

“Look, I came here to get out of it all, to get away from all the fame and flashing light’s, I had just finished my teaching course, when there had been an director come in to the school I was teaching at and at that time we had been in the middle of a play and the lead character had broken her leg, and me being the only one that knew her part of by heart, had to take over and then, well you properly now what happened after that.” Elizabeth stopped and bit her lip. Was she wrong to tell him, she wasn’t sure.

“Did you want to be a actress?” Julian asked, he seamed equally awkward.

“Yes, otherwise I would have stopped years ago” Elizabeth snapped. Then seeing that she had hurt his feeling’s, she added.” I broke up with my long term boyfriend.”

“Oh sorry.” Julian thought this was the right thing to say, but he could also see she was in pain and quickly changed the subject.” So what’s it like being a Celeb.”

“It’s not as great as people think, I mean I liked it at first, I had loved all the attention and who my picture’s were all over the paper’s all the time. I love the fact that people were always stopping me all over the place and every one would look up to me. After two years though, it started to go down hill. I had fallen at the shopping centre one day and I looked a mess and the next day it was all over the papers. That was few year’s ago, but what really was the final straw was when I had a present from my Nan, it was a knitted hat and scarf, she had always given me that every year and I always wore them, but that year I put it in the bin, I thought that if I gave it to the charity shop they would think I had no style and I would hate that. I was stuck up and nasty, I was too spoilt and to use to being in the fame light and it had got to me.

My family soon stop coming over as often. Whenever they came over I would always be to busy or hanging out with some famous person that I couldn’t put down. Then half a year ago my Nan had a stroke and luckily she recovered, she will never be able top knitted again and since her stroke I haven’t seen her more then once and she didn’t even know me. She had looked after me when I was younger when ever my parents had had to go way and after I while I realist that I was doing what my parent’s had done, start to drift away apart from they had stopped before they had got to carried away, I had just kept going and that’s what made me snap, I told the press that I was taking a break and came down here to teach for I while, my parent’s and family are in the next town.” She broke off quickly and bit her lip. Had she been right to tell him all this. She looked over at him and struggled to read his face.

He seemed to know she had just told him something she had never told anyone else and he just sat there taking it all in and finally he smiled at her.

She felt that for the last seven years she had finally had a friend.

To soon she was pulling in to the drive way to the address the man had given her and he got out and hesitated as if debating weather or not to ask her something.

“Are you going to be around.” Julian asked awkwardly.

“Yeah, I might see you soon.” Elizabeth smiles. The stress had vanished from her face, Jason could see that clearly.

He walked up the drive way, he could feel Elizabeth’s eye’s on him as he went and as soon as he had entered the house he went strait to the window an watched her drive out the drive and drive slowly away.

Posted by Ocean May 09 Nov, 2009 09:38AM

thanks martin, if i knew who you where i would come and thank you personaly, because your comment has got me writting a little more at home as i stopped for i while....

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 08 Nov, 2009 04:29PM

i usually have trouble reading a lot of text on a screen (in book form its fine), but this story kept me gripped right to the end :D