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Dreams, or something like that.

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 25 Apr, 2009 09:02PM

Originally what I submitted for my english GCSE. I just edited it a little.

It's a bit twilighty but hey everyone else seems to be doing it so thought i'd give it a shot.

There he sat on a rustic, wooden chair, balancing on three loose legs. His thick, black hair was thrown to the right side of his head. His glittering green eyes focusing on the last few pages of the latest chapter in the tattered book he was reading, Dracula, one of the classics. The sun shone through the large window, illuminating his soft, pale skin; a soothing breeze flowed through the room like water flowing down a stream. The walls a gentle gold colour, framed his perfect body as he sat motionless, except for the occasional flick of his hand as he quickly turned the page.

The book landed with a muffled thud as it hit the small table that sat next to his bed. The sun was beginning to the set; the sky becoming a shadow hiding the world from evil. He strolled, slowly down the stairs to eat his tea; tonight he had rice with vegetables. The bowl matched the food exactly, a white base with greens and reds creating the pattern. He graciously got up and put his bowl into the sink after he had finished. He was never allowed to wash up since the last time when one of his mother’s favourite dishes ended up getting dropped onto the floor and shattered into a thousand crystals, covering the vast kitchen floor. He clambered back up the thick wooden stairs, and went back into his room to jump into his bed.


There she was. Simply beautiful, Something I’d never seen before. She had bright brown eyes, a muddy brown; they looked at me with so much love and innocence, I felt a smile spread across my lips. She was here for me. I reached out to hold her in a warm embrace; her long, wavy, auburn hair, swayed silently in the summer breeze, her skin was a perfect golden colour with the warmth of the sun beams adding to it‘s beauty. She was short, no taller than 5 foot. Her name was Eleanor Rose and even after 5 years of this I still couldn’t believe she was mine. We were at the beach. The sound of waves stealthily stealing the sand as it came in shore drowned out all the other sounds. The soft sand hugged my feet as we began to walk along the beach, holding her hand in mine. She was looking out to sea, watching the tide.

My cream coloured trousers were rolled up to my knees; my white shirt sleeves were folded up to my elbows. I couldn’t look at my shirt for long, the sunlight bouncing off it, made it glow. Bringing a paleness to my skin to emphasised my features. She was wearing light blue jeans; hers also rolled up to her knees with a simple white vest top, that made her eyes glisten in the sunlight. We stopped and I touched her face, I whispered softly that to her.

“We should be going back now”

“Yes of course”

And with that, reluctantly, we both left and began to walk home. Slowly. Still holding hands.

It was dark when we got to her road when suddenly a figure appeared from the darkness of the forest that lined both sides of the road. A tall slender man with long blonde hair. He looked so normal but danger lingered in the air around him. He wore an over sized t-shirt that was black, and jeans that fit perfectly. What was he doing here? Why was he in front of us? Why did he look like he was going to hurt us?

Then in an instant it became clear. His upper lip pulled back into a snarl; showing his two fangs waiting to drink our blood. My arms ripped away from her hand and pulled her body behind me. Her body trembled in fear; she knew we were in trouble. I caught a quick glance into her eyes, almost pleading with me to let her get hurt instead of me. I couldn’t let that happen. He darted towards me and threw me to the floor with such force I heard my neck snap and howled in pain. I heard her scream and land beside me, a scream I could never forget. He played with us both biting me, then her, again and again. I tried to move but I couldn’t. He whispered to us.

“You two love each other do ya? Well now it can be forever.”

“You bastard you. What have you done?”

A vicious laugh escaped his lips. Adding to sharp pain inflicted by speaking.
Suddenly I felt my body tremble violently as the pain surged through me. A pain I’d never felt before. What was happening? Surely I was dead? The pain abated leaving a new found clarity to life. I staggered to my feet and instantly looked next to me; there she was standing there, looking at me. She was different and she knew it, the look in her eyes mirrored mine. Shock. She knew what happened as well as I did, we were both vampires now. Yes we could be together forever but at what cost?

My eyes suddenly opened, my mouth was dry just like sandpaper. It was a dream; sweat glistened off my brow as the horror of what I’d seen began to release me. I pulled the heavy, thick blankets off my skin and began another day.

Posted by Alicia B. 30 Apr, 2009 06:38PM


Posted by Martin Oakshaft 30 Apr, 2009 06:23PM

very good stuff, i enjoyed reading that!

i also just wanted to say thank you for your comments on my (for want of a better word) poems :)

Posted by Alicia B. 30 Apr, 2009 06:07PM

Thanks glad you liked it!

Posted by Ocean May 29 Apr, 2009 08:26PM

that was brilliant, i loved it, it's sort of, exciting, scary and romantic.