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Global Warming

Daniel R.Posted by Daniel R 24 Sep, 2009 03:58PM

She stood there in disbelief at the sight of the oncoming catastrophe ahead of her. The trees were ablaze, the ground was crumbling and the sky was a bright crimson. The sound was so loud she heard nothing. The sound was louder than Krakatoa his self.

The road ahead was littered with dead bodies in the metal car coffins. The last thought running thought running through their heads was… “DEATH IS CHEATING.”

The ancient screams of them still seemed to haunt the rotten air above. Many women, children, and men were still running for their lives jumping of the cracked concrete rivers. They had run for miles upon miles. Still they could not stop the hatred vermin of the human race.

She had to run it has life or death but still she stood their as if she a one of the burning trees rooted to the ground. The army of human scum was racing towards her. All the normal people had passed her and now it was just them and her.

They didn’t even stop and yet she stilled stood like the statue in the middle of the rotten world.

All this because of Global warming…