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the cource of the ware wolf

Chantelle B.Posted by Chantelle B. 23 Sep, 2009 05:01PM

Once there was an mother ware wolf and an father ware wolf they were both happy an having fun just until the mothr ware wolf who was called julie felt a pain she went to an doctor and he said she was pregrant and he say that she is 4 mounths on so they left the doctors and juile and andrew was both excited that she was pregrant and he told her that she was having an boy and they sarted to come up with some idears for an name then they finaly found the perfect name they were going to call him peter. Sye ws finaly an mouth until she was havein her baby juile and andrew were both getin ready for there first baby boy.

It was past an mounth she was wondering why she havent had here baby yet then all of a sudden her waters broke and she was finaly in labour it was 5 hours of waitin there for her to have it then all we herd was an bay cryin it was an mirrical to have are first baby boy and they took him home and it turned out to be an happly ever after. the end

Posted by Mary D. 24 Sep, 2009 07:25PM

nice, could you make it longer?

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 23 Sep, 2009 05:09PM

That was a very nice story, Chantelle. i liked the fact that they were werewolves - it gave the story the "humanity" side of the wolves. i will say that a bit of proof-reading for spelling and some grammar is needed. it would make the story "flow" better. awesome stuff though. nice one :)