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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Alice in wonderland chapter 2

Jolie M.F.Posted by Jolie M.F. 24 Aug, 2009 07:06PM

‘OH dear, OH dear I shall be late’ declared a little voice. Alice looked up expecting to see one of the farmers boys cutting through the field for late supper but instead a round cotton tailed white rabbit with floppsie ears and a red nose appeared, wearing, a black satin waist coat, white immaculate cloves and clasping a golden pocket watch on a chain. Alice rubbed her eyes, not quite trusting them for a second. ‘Mr Rabbit’ she called after him mesmerised by the little creature and convince that something truly delightful must have accrued to tempt such a rabbit out of its warm burrow on such a cold day.

’I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date’ he whistled into the air as he sped passed not even taking a side ways glance, his stumpy legs moving rapidly and bringing up the dusty soil of the wood behind them before vanquishing into its murky depths.