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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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part three....

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 26 Jul, 2009 01:05AM
first off.. many apologies for the lateness. it seems that the holidays are the busiest times and i have been either busy at work, or totally cabbaged because of it!

i promise that not only will i finish this piece (its snowballing - there is a hopefully fainal part to come), i will also read your wonderful work and leave a comment.

this is part three of the break in. i know i wasnt happy with the previous parts, and this is just the same :D its the first time where i have really had to force the words out - actually *think* what im trying to say, so im not sure how it all scans.

i have always tried to keep it as "realistic" as possible, but im not sure if im venturing into the realms of sillyness. Anyhoos, its here now and at the least it can be the bare bones of something that might need heavy editing


Break in - Part three

The sound of fighting filtered through the caretakers ears. That, and the strident scream of a kid in pain. Looking up from the semi conscious and groaning giant, the caretaker’s eyes widened. He saw a knot of older kids, all brandishing what looked like broken off chair legs. They were in front of the main side door, shielding one of the younger kids. It was the younger kid that was screaming. Blood was pouring from a head wound and he was being slowly dragged back into the school by the frightened looking librarian.

Between the caretaker and the doors were half a dozen men and women. They were determinedly trying to assault the school. So far, the kids were holding them back, giving the librarian time to get the kid to safety. To the caretaker, it seemed only a matter of time before they were overwhelmed. He didn’t think that they would make it to the doors in time.

Suddenly a plant pot seemed to drop from the sky and shatter a few feet in front of the attackers, spraying them with soil and pottery. Looking up, the caretaker saw that the rest of the younger kids were on the first floor balcony. They were yelling and swearing at the attackers, their faces wild and angry. To his surprise they were running back and forth looking for things to throw. “My god” thought the caretaker “it’s like Lord of the Flies!”.

Although their attempts were holding back the attackers, and the Librarian and his casualty were getting closer to the doors, the caretaker knew that the defence would not be enough, that he had to get past the attackers and help secure the school.

One of the attackers picked up a stone and hurled it up at the balcony. It hit one of the younger kids in the shoulder, causing him to cry out. At this point the caretaker snapped. The injustice, the inhumanity of it all was too much. The rage built swiftly, taking over his body, dumping adrenaline and endorphins into his bloodstream. The beast, the red mist, was let loose as the caretaker launched himself into the fray.

While dragging his limp charge to safety, the Librarian saw all this. He saw the change in the caretaker’s eyes. The set of his face. He thought that it was fortunate that the attackers backs were to the caretaker because without the element of surprise, the Librarian didn’t think that the caretaker would get through. It was a small chance, and a risky one. Not to mention utterly stupid.

But watching the transformation of the caretaker was fascinating and compelling. The Librarian remembered reading about Vikings and their berserker warriors. These warriors would build themselves up into such frenzy that even before they could jump off their ships and attack they foamed at the mouth and chewed on their shields. The caretaker was certainly no warrior, but he made up for his lack of skill with pure rage and muscle. The librarian saw how startled the attackers were when they suddenly found themselves being attacked from behind. Attacked by what seemed like a screaming madman. Before they could give way the caretaker had already disabled two of them, one with a punch to the kidneys, the other with an elbow to the side of the head.

Coming to himself slightly the caretaker was jubilant “Im nearly through!” he thought. He was no longer in a blind rage, but his blood-lust was still up and he was buzzing with adrenaline. He managed to get past the defences of a third attacker and drop him with a straight punch to the solar plexus. It was then that things started to go badly for him. One of the attackers slammed a length of wood across the caretakers back. Although the muscle took most of the blow, for a split second he was stunned with pain. As the caretaker turned to face his enemy, The attacker took the opportunity to swing again, this time a savage sweeping blow aimed at the caretakers exposed side. The caretaker was too slow to react and he felt a sickening crunch and a crack as the wood struck his ribs.

Howling in pain, the caretaker tried to run the last ten yards towards his allies. He nearly made it but was struck on the back of the head by a thrown rock. Dizzy and blinded, he staggered but he was just not fast enough. Turning to face his attackers, the last thing he saw was a huge, meaty fist flying towards him. The fist struck the side of his head and there was a few seconds of white noise in his head before he collapsed into oblivion….

as an aside.. the only characters i have mentioned by name is the caretaker and the librarian. since i do not know the rest of the "cast", or their numbers, i have simply called them the "kids". assuming that this bit of writing is acceptable to the book, im sure that this omission can be elaborated on