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The Librarian's Revenge is Nigh... Repent, Sinners Repent [updated]

INFORMATIONPosted by Leif Ahnland 24 Jul, 2009 10:48AM
Hi everyone!

The past week has been quite interesting and it is exactly 7 days since Ms Marsom (of the Arts Department at the Hewett School for those of you who don't know her yet) came back saying she'd got a promise from Mr Antony and Mr Samain for £400 to print our book! Depending on the total amount of books we print, £400 is enough for 100 to 130 copies. We already have some money as you know so now the total is at £525 including £50 from the Workshop.
I have spoken to bookshops (Border's, W.H. Smith, Waterstone's etc) and all are interested in the project and said that they will definitively take a look at it and probably sell it here in Norwich.
And then... lot's of stuff really, everything is going well I think. We have circa 170 pages and people are writing on different sections and there are a lot of the stories from the blog that are not even incorporated yet so I think we'll end up with between 300 and 400 pages. And, with any luck, they will be quite good too! I also saw Anna McCarthy from the County Council and she is actively helping us now to make the most of the project and not just the book.

And yesterday I saw this on Alexander Gordon Smith's blog (see the real blog here):

Last, but certainly not least, I got to do a very special show – special because it took place in MY OLD SCHOOL!!! I was invited in by the librarian, Leif Ahnland, who also runs the fantastic creative writing club. It was so cool being able to go back to my old school, the Hewett in Norwich. I was there for seven years, and it's really where I started writing properly, so to visit again to talk about my life as a writer, and my books, was just amazing! Although most of the teachers I had have now left, I did see some familiar faces, and the school itself looked the same as I remember it (although smaller).

I started off with a talk at lunchtime, and it was great to see so many people there – especially as it was a gloriously sunny day and they could have been outside playing! They were a really chatty, responsive and entertaining group, and many of them were writers, so I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Then, after school, I did a horror writing workshop with the creative writing club, which was a fascinating experience. The members were all ages – from year seven right through to upper sixth – and they were all positively bursting with ideas, which was so good to see. And they were so much fun to work with. I have absolutely no doubt that plenty of these students will have books published in the future - some are already better writers than I am! I'll look forward to getting signed copies of their books in years to come. You can check out their brilliant writing on the creative writing club's blog here. It's definitely worth checking out as they're putting together a fascinating anthology which is totally unique and looks like it might be a big deal!

It was a great day, made even better by the fact that I didn't have to travel across the country to get there and back - in fact it was a two-minute walk away! But a huge thanks to Leif and all the students for making it such fun, and the best of luck to you all with your writing!

- Alexander Gordon Smith, 9 July 2009

Well from all of us, thank you Gordon for coming in! It was great having you there and we look forward to having you back. And that you like The Librarian's Revenge project is really cool!

That's all for now, keep writing over the summer and remember that there is still lots of time(until end of September at least) to write things for OUR book The Librarian's Revenge...

The Librarian

PS. Today I have two more news... I've got a dummy copy of how the book will look when it comes to dimensions from Seriously Responsible Print here in Norwich, the printer we're going to work with (and who have given us a good really price too because they like the project so much). The paper is 100% recycled and feels great, beautiful and very real book like... The second update is that maybe there is an interview with the EDP in the pipeline, a journalist apparently overheard me and Gordon yesterday and seems to want to do an article about us.

Posted by Joe Pearson 24 Jul, 2009 03:22PM


Everything seems to be going smoothly.
And AGS blog post is really good to see! I'm glad he enjoyed it as much as we all did.

Also, guess what Leif, I actually sat down and wrote 1000 words of the Leprechaun today! Finally getting some work done...