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Another 4 Books Ordered (and paid for)

INFORMATIONPosted by Leif Ahnland 08 Jul, 2009 01:12PM
Just an update from the Pseudocity Press Sales Department.

We sold another four books to a gentleman today. We now have £67.55, I think we need another couple of hundred to see it through. Oh yes, almost forgot, we also need a book to print so with not that much time left in the school and only a few more sessions we will have to sort some issues out with the narrative. I will talk to some people today; Seriously Responsible Print to see if and in that case how they could help us with printing and so forth and I will talk to Anna McCarthy who is the Arts Development Officer for Children's Services at the County Council. Both seem interested in the project so there are chances we have good structure within which to publish it. That means that you guys will be both published authors and publishers at the same time. Which is kind of cool.

Hope you are well and I'll see you guys tomorrow. Remember to wear red!

The Librarian

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 13 Jul, 2009 08:54PM

ROCK ON!! the ball is really rolling here.