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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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The Librarian's Revenge at The Workshop

INFORMATIONPosted by Leif Ahnland 07 Jul, 2009 11:43PM
Today (Tuesday the 7th of July 2009) we did the first but hopefully not the last of The Librarian's Revenge events. There was dancing (not really) and singing (yes indeed) and merry making (very much so) and some other C.W. Hewett related shenanigans where we also got an entire audience (not that large but still) to do a creative writing exercise with us. And they wrote cool things! (Thanks Joe and Ellis for organising that and both your acts, good stuff.)

As far as we can tell this was a success on all levels and we have now, officially, sold 8 copies for £5 each and our funds total £47.55 which means we have £7.55 for promotional purposes etc. Ok, we realise this makes us sound a bit naïve but neither librarians nor english teachers are known for their business sense and we think this is great news. There is actually a waiting list for OUR book... How about that? (Speaking of the book, thank you very very much Michael for some great poetry that needs to go in there, I would like to get them digitally.)

As a whole, the evening was a success on a much more important level and that was how much fun it was and that it ended up being something we think we will build on for the future. (Thanks Geoff for your music and everything else.)

Finally, thanks so much everyone for making this happen, one step at a time... C.W. Hewett as in Collective or Creative Writing Hewett is a fantastic journey.

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