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coping with amnesia

Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 06 Jul, 2009 03:41PM

I fought the beating drum in my already worried head. I was running. Running as fast, as my leg would carry me. Crash! I fall on to the cold unforgiving cracked concrete floor. My body was to week to move from my position. Crash! A golden yellow lightning crashed onto the once green earth. The bolt light up the sky giving the illusion that the sky was yellow. Crash! Another bolt fell to the ground.

I tried to get up. Using the last of my energy I rose up then fell onto the pavement I would never be able to get up!

"ahh!" i woke up only able to see a white light. i was in hospital. all ofa sudden everything went blury, and then swam into focus.

"hello dear aww how are you?" a short, dumpy woman said smiling.

"w w wh who who are you i manadged to say. the woman looked shocked and looked at the man who i presumed was a doctor.

"your daughter unfortunetly has amnesia so she might not remember you." the doctor explained

"how long will she not remember me." (sarah) my 'mum' asked anxiosly

"it's hard to tell but i would say 2 to 3 days tops could be a week. i'm really sorry." mum started to walk away.

"let me know if any developments acure." she said going of to atent to other pathents