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break in (part two)

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 01 Jul, 2009 10:55PM
um.. yeah.. this has kinda run away from me a bit. "part two" should have wrapped it up, but the way things are going, this is turning out to be a bit of a novel (i only intended to it to be squeezed into part of a chapter - it might end up as a chapter in itself)

anyhoos... needless to say - im not really happy with it. i could really do with some input and thoughts.


The caretaker wasn’t built for running. He never had been. After ten yards he slowed down to a very brisk walk and panting slightly, ruefully thought that perhaps it’s a good thing that he couldn’t buy baccy anymore. His lack of running prowess was initially what got him interested in martial arts. He figured that since he couldn’t run away from trouble then he could, at the very least, defend himself. It was also a great way to get fit, both in body and spirit, as well as giving him the opportunity at attempting to socialise.

He hadn’t trained in a long time though and although the “muscle memory” was there, the fitness was definitely lacking. He never considered that he would have to actually use the skills that he had learned. The caretaker was a pacifist at heart.

As he got nearer to the school, he heard shouts and yells. It sounded like there were at least a dozen people round the back of the building. All were whooping and jeering. Mixed in with the chaotic noise was the frantic sounds of the kids, some crying and others cursing and yelling. A sudden scream of pain from what sounded like one of the kids spurred him on. Taking a deep breath, the caretaker started running again, fearful of what he might find as he ran.

Rounding the corner the caretaker careened into a six foot wall of solid muscle. Staggering back he looked at what he had run into. His eyes widened at the sight of the biggest man he had ever seen. He was a titan of a man, built like a rugby player only more so. His cropped black hair emphasised a blocky head. There was no neck either, just bulbous slabs of shoulder muscle that merged into massive biceps.

In a quick glance the caretaker saw that the mans body seemed almost as wide as he was tall and that he was propped up by legs which were so muscled, they looked deformed.

Shocked, the caretaker took several steps backwards. The titan’s mouth opened, exposing yellowing teeth. They were crooked and cracked like broken tombstones. He leered at the caretaker and….flexed.

Oh shit” thought the caretaker as he watched the bizarre dance of the guys muscles ripple. Still leering and looking supremely confident, the huge man spread his arms wide, daring the caretaker to bring him down. The caretaker took another step backwards and hunched slightly as if in defeat. He took a deep breath and thought I have one chance at this, or Im toast. He focussed his attention on his massive opponents brick-like jaw,cocked his fist back and ran the three paces that separated them.

The caretakers plan was simple: by looking at the jaw and blatantly bringing his fist back he was “telegraphing” his intentions. The huge man tensed his muscles as he waited for a punch in the face. The punch never came.

Instead the caretaker launched himself at the massive man and in mid jump, screaming like a thing possessed, he raised his knee and slammed it into his opponents groin.

The mans face paled and crumpled. As the caretaker stepped back he watched an amazing transformation. Making a strangled gurgling sound the man seemed to slowly fold in on himself. He lurched sideways and, as unstoppable as an avalanche, he fell to the ground with a dull, meaty thud.

Sometimes, the caretaker thought you don’t need fancy moves… a hard blow to the nadgers always does the trick….