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Inspiration (poem)

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 29 Jun, 2009 10:16PM
Another random poem, haven't posted in a while so, going to post this 'til I finish a story/part of, to post.

Look inside & you will see,
That I am you & you are me.
We are all together as one,
Brothers, sisters, mothers,
daughters, fathers, sons too.
You are me & I am you.

When you go, I will grieve,
Grieve for the gap that you will leave.
For you are the inspiration & motivation,
That inspire others to aspire,
To be everything they can be.
Eventually inspiring me.

Posted by Alicia Beavis 29 Jun, 2009 10:20PM

Thank you!

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 29 Jun, 2009 10:19PM

oh wow.. thats brilliant, and very well written.