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Some Ideas

C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Leif Ahnland 27 Jun, 2009 01:36PM
Here are some ideas for events, characters and themes that we can put in the book. This also needs texts (books to find in the library) from you guys connected to these things.

The Gardener
In Book Two: A woman and her partner comes to school when everything is going really bad and the librarian and the kids have just been robbed of their food. Everything looks hopeless and this couple come in with new books and energy and knowledge about growing food and so on.

Text/book suggestion: Something about growing things, a book on flowers and vegetables. Recipes?

The Captain

Book Two. A captain and (a soldier?) of some military or merchant navy (Norway? Or British?) has been stranded when is ship was sunk of the coast in a storm. Shipwrecked he makes his way to the school, having heard about it from locals who couldn't take him in because they have a hard time taking care of themselves. He/They will be useful in helping the people in the school defend themselves from gangs and so forth. I think it is also a good way of taking up issues about war and so on. This could also create tensions between the Caretaker who sees himself as the defender of the school.

In the end they will all work together anyway so it will be a positive thing.

Text/book suggestion:
A book on war, the third world war or something? Maybe not on wars. One thing that is possible is using Joe's Servants in Thought that could work well with the captain and the young boy as the heroes.

The Builder

Book Two: A construction worker (Polish?) comes to the school at some point and becomes instrumental in building things. The reason for him being foreign is that it is a wa to discuss prejudices.

Text/book suggestion:
A History of Organic Architecture? Or something else, a handbook on sustainable buildings would be cool I think...

The Girlfriend

Book Two: We need a strong female protagonist and I guess it would be natural to have her be a woman the librarian falls in love with. We have talked about this before and I think we agree that she should be very different from him, a sort of negative soul mate. But not in a negative way obviously. The suggestion I think could work really well is that she is someone to whom things happen and that she has travelled a lot to get to the library as opposed to the librarian who never goes and anywhere and who reads bout things. You get the picture. She should come into to the story halfway through the book I think, when they are trying to build something that can function and so that they can survive.

Text/book suggestion:
Georgie is looking at this already but anyone with ideas on this character could, or should, have a go at writing about her. She will be very important to the story.

The Witch
Book Two or Three: When hospitals and doctors will not be as easy to reach people will need ways to cure themselves so maybe there could be some New Age kind of character who comes in and starts growing all these herbs and stuff. A natural medicine and holistic NHS kind of thing. And it could include foreseeing the future and other witchlike things. I think this could be a really funny chapter.

Text/book suggestion: Becky is writing a story about a witch so that could work well here. Thanks for the idea by the way Becky.

The Pseudo City

In Book Three. As you may know, pseudo is a word that means:

pseudo pref. imitation, simulated; faked, false; fictitious, mock
adj. simulated, pretend, seemingly; false, not genuine, mock

So, maybe because of the name of the publisher of the mysterious books being Pseudocity Press (at the moment anyway) they may start to call their community a pseudo city when it starts to work like a small town. I don't know about this so you tell me if that is a good a idea. I'm hardly objective on this matter as something with Pseudocity is what I've called everything I've done for the last two years.

Ok. That were some ideas. If you guys come up with something please go ahead.

Posted by Leif Ahnland 28 Jun, 2009 03:17PM

Yeah that was quite an essay. Thanks for that comment, very good and constructive. Appreciated.

About a cook. There will be cookbooks in the library and then they will have to have recipes like Survival Stew and Scavenger Soup with ingredients that can be found easily around the place. Or produced locally. There could be farmers in the vicinity who want to trade stuff and barter economy going after a while.

It will be interesting to do this and come up with a way for a community to become and then be sustainable... End of Book Two and then most of Book Three.

Good going though. The builders will be important. And we will need protagonists to be female so a lot of these things could be interesting from a gender perspective. Switching traditional roles between sexes etc. Our society might, unfortunately, turn back to more "classic" distributions of responsibilities. SO, I think we could have a go at challenging them as well. I notice that I ended up assuming that this is a he and that is a she, ending up with more or less traditional roles so we'll have to watch out...

The Librarian

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 28 Jun, 2009 12:05PM

I like these ideas. when you mention the gardener (and the fact that they have to be self-sufficient), i keep thinking of that old sitcom "The Good Life". thinking about it, to have what we have now would be tricky to emulate - we have lost knowledge and become reliant on "things turning up in the supermarket" (i remember the response where someone was asked "where does milk come from?"".. the answer was "the supermarket".

Anohter character that could be needed would be a cook, or at least someone who knows how to prepare meat (no offence to vegetarians, naturally!). The characters would idealy have to learn how to make flour, vegetable/animal oils/fats and pretty much everything from scratch - without the aid of industrial machinery.

I can see the Captain and the Caretaker tension thing happening - the caretaker is finally coming out of his shell and realising that he has leadership potential, only to have these (possibly dashing) strangers telling him what to do. i think that this sub-plot would work well. obviously they slowly become grudging allies, then friends.

the builder : i have some working experince of building "stuff" using mainly manpower (sometimes, if i was lucky, a cement mixer too!), so i might be able to give some sort of input on what it feels like to graft (and the satisfaction of a job well done!)

textbook selections: dont have any specific titles, but im thinking that since (im assuming) the characters will not have access to modern technology (until they figure out how to make their own power sources: gas/electricity/steam power ets), they would have to resort to more "medaieval" technologies....
so perhaps texts on:
roman inventions ("what did the romans ever do for us, eh? rofl!)
medaieval medicines (the witch could have a lot of that kinda info)
histories and definitions of witches and witchcraft - to get away from the misconception of cackling warty ladies who wear black pointy hats.

before i turn this into a thesis, i just had a thought... the society for creative anachronisms (SCA) might be a very good source of information - they are a group of people who go in for the whole "re-enactment" thing. they are not just people who dress up as knights and have mock battles, the really get into the whole history and "how did they do/make that" thing.

lol, ive said enough for now...