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What ha' I got?

Tara ShannonPosted by Tara Shannon 17 Jun, 2009 02:41PM

I han't got no apples
I han't got no pears
I han't got no house
'Cos I han't got no stairs

I han't got no diamonds
I han't got no gold
I han't got no job
'Cos they say "Yer too old!"

But I ha' got my wom'n
I ha' got my son
I ha' got my grand-kid
And the love from ear' one

Cos nothin' competes
With them sweet li'l cheeks
Of a dumb li'l tucker
And the love from his moth'r

Don’t want no gas cook'r
I’m fine with the coal
Now – I’m off to go fishin’
At's good for the soul.

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 17 Jun, 2009 04:55PM

im reading this almost to the tempo of the David Byrne song "Life During Wartime"... cool! :)