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the duck family go to france

Benjamin S.Posted by Benjamin S. 11 Jun, 2009 07:15PM
one day a family of ducks go on holiday to france, but of course they float there but forget their lucky feathers so they have to float back to their home where they then leave their luggage at france. they get home to get their feathers. once they have got back to france they all picked up the luggage and go to the hotel which then they forget their wallet at home. all the ducks got really mad and then went on a murder spree and even killed mario and luigi who were also on a murder spree who tried to kill sonic the hedge hog. but sonic the hedghog was trying to kill tails who tails was trying to kill knuckles. knuckles was trying to yoshi but yoshi won the murder spree and nobody survived. the end

Posted by Anne D. 16 Jun, 2009 05:21PM