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EXERCISESPosted by Alicia Beavis 04 Jun, 2009 10:10PM

Create a story using a poem for inspiration. The parts in bold were the parts that were CLEARY influenced by the poem.

Poem used:

- Hugo Williams - Tides

The evening advances, then withdraws again
Leaving our cups and books like islands on the floor.
We are drifting, you and I,
As far from another as the young heroes
Of these two novels we have just laid down.
For that is happiness: to wander alone
Surrounded by the same moon, whose tides remind us of ourselves,
Our distances, and what we leave behind.
The lamp left on, the curtains letting in the light.
These things were promises. No doubt we will come back to them.

Evening came back around again. Us sitting here, lonely, living our lives unfulifilled, as distant from eachother as a man and woman could be. It hadn't even been a year since we got married and already it felt like it was falling apart, failing pittifully. Every evening was the same, me and her sitting in silent solitude, engrossed in the seperate novels we were reading, they also seeming to reflect our differences. No longer were we two, young, happy lovers. Just two people living in their own worlds, but in the same house.

After I'd finished reading I glanced out of the window to watch the sea, watch the tides going out and coming back in. The moonlight shone back from the seas surface. She wandered out of the room into the bedroom, the lamp left on and all the curtains left open letting in the gentle light originating from the moon. In that moment memories from the past crept into my thoughts, a happier time in our lives. The day we first bought this little house by the sea, we thought it would be the beginning.

I picked up my book and tossed it through to the bedroom, it landed with a muffled thud on the bed. Then I quickly made two cups of tea, because although we hardly spoke to eachother we acted civil and polite. She drank with her usual speed and placed the cup on the floor and eventually put the book there too. I did the same. We slept in our usual silence, leaving our cups and books like islands on the floor.

Posted by Alicia Beavis 05 Jun, 2009 06:42PM

Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

Good, you should keep writing. I like your work :)

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 04 Jun, 2009 10:20PM

awesome! thats such a wonderful story...wonderfully written, i mean :)
its kinda sad and, once again, i can feel what the character is feeling.

reading everyones posts gives me the confidence to keep plugging away at this writing thing.