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"When I Swallowed 20p" by Anne D.

Anne D.Posted by Leif Ahnland 04 Jun, 2009 05:14PM

a few years ago when i had a weekend with my dad. it was sunday and i was at church. my dad gave me 20p, and for some reason i put in my mouth and jumped off a ledge.

i couldn't breath properly. at hospital i got x-rayed, it was cool

i spent a restless night in hospital, and was fine.

Sorry Anne, I made a mistake while I was sorting out the posts. I found a version of yours when I had deleted it. Please forgive me!

The Librarian

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 04 Jun, 2009 10:26PM

Y`know.. i read this post and the first thing that came to mind was wheni stuffed a little bit of bath sponge up my nose when i was *really* young... the doctor wouldnt listen to mum, who was *convinced* there was something up there... until i sneezed!

fortunately, i was totally fine throughout - not being able to breathe properly must have been scary.

sorry.. not really a critique, more of a waffle :)