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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 02 Jun, 2009 12:15PM

Eeeeek! She just stared at her sister sprawled on the floor in front of her... Dead! People leaned over the bridge to see what all the commotion was about. Max, who had only just noticed that his sister, who was still breathing, was not following him anymore, rushed to both of his sisters; One dead. One alive.

"What are you doing down there?" he just managed to make his voice audiable as he climbed down the stairs, to his sisters side.

She raised her arm limply, pointing out the corpse, that only just caught her brothers attention; Moritifed by what he saw, he fell to his knees. He began to sob. Gripped between his vice like hands, hung his head. Smothered by the tears that streamed down his face.


The sun glowed in the clear, blue skies. Max and Kate soon got overheated, turned a distinct blood red, as the birds sung their devine morning duet, with their life long mate. The were surrounded by crowds of people on their daily commute to work. The busy streets rumbled with voices of the people around them, flesh touch flesh. Traffic started to pick up with buses and lorries, trucks and cars all heading towards their destinations.

Max and Kate were on their way to congratulate their older sister, on her engagement to he first boyfriend. Kate was only 10 and this was her first visit to London, as her sister only moved in a week ago, just to live with her fiancee. There was just so much to look at; She couldn't get over how busy it was, her eyes looked onto everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Soon to be finished being typed

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 02 Jun, 2009 10:55PM

excellent! look forward to reading the rest :)