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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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C.W. Hewett Update

INFORMATIONPosted by Leif Ahnland 29 May, 2009 12:05PM
Ok everyone. Very quickly, just to say that I am still alive and that there is work going on during half-term. I have not been focusing on the blog because all the time has been put into developing the main text for The Librarian's Revenge.

I'll be back before Sunday with a proper update and then we can talk about it in the library and during the club once school starts.

Thanks for posting. Enjoy the last few days of half term!

The Librarian

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 29 May, 2009 12:56PM

... i have been enjoying them, but its *very* quiet at the school ROFL. will keep an eye out for the update, but wont be about next week as i have booked a week off work (yay!) :)