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snow white and the 7 aliens the ending.?.?.?

Samara W.Posted by Samara W. 22 May, 2009 01:59PM

this is a carry on from my last story so if u have not read it u will not get this one so READ it hope u like it ...

Her mind was going crazy with thoughts what should she do WHAT SHOULD SHE DO????

she made up her mind she was going to run but HOW smiley HOW HOW. Then she saw it the escape pod when no-one was looking she did it, SHE RAN, then with a FLASH and a BANG she was outer ther in space once more...

meanwhile the 7 aliens were playing lunar limbo alien 1 sang "how high can u go how high can u go" alien 2 shouted " i can go higher than u LOL."

... as snow white was in the escape pod she noticed a strange planet

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 22 May, 2009 10:47PM

Definitely lots of potential... also very surreal (nothing wrong with that though).. the *only* thing i felt i should mention (and i think i have said this before on another post - possibly just somehting that i pick up on) is the bit of "text speak". I mean in part one where you write b4 instead of "before"... um yeah, just a little thing.

it seems that you have left an opening for part three... looking forward to reading that :)

Posted by Leif Ahnland 22 May, 2009 05:14PM

Hi Samara!

Nice to have you writing but I noticed that you had posted the exactly same text 5 times by mistake so I deleted the other four. Once is well enough. Ifyou have things you want to change in your original post please use the edit function.

Glad to see your enthusiasm though. I think this story has a lot of potential, good going. I'll get back to you with some more concrete comments.

The Librarian