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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Tara ShannonPosted by Tara Shannon 22 May, 2009 09:53AM

One, two, three walk down
The parade of the dead has come to town
With a click of their heels and a clink of their jewels
The skeletons march past the envious fools

Four, five, six stand still
One of them swallows a laxative pill
The fifth and the sixth share a finger of Twix
Then throw it up after a couple of licks

Fans, hands, cameras and clothes
Big bushy hair and small pretty bows
The third has to leave and get a new nose
But the first and the second drop dead in the show

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 26 May, 2009 08:09PM

i totally agree.. brilliant!

Posted by Alicia Beavis 22 May, 2009 05:47PM

Wow! Loved it especially the last stanza. So powerful! and completely awesome!

Posted by Mary D. 22 May, 2009 11:14AM

wow! deep stuff