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double'o sausage

Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 16 May, 2009 07:56PM
written for my my english assesment

"names sausage, andrew sausage." said the famously stupid spy andrew sausage, when he had just un - sucsessfully finished his 100,000th mission. 

andrew was crap, crap at his job crap at his social life, crap at everything.

"Andrew is going to pay, £500.000 pounds it's coming out of his pay check." shouted andrews boss mr flanigan.

"he's at the door." wispered agent x, the best spy in the buisness.

silence reined for what seemed like an eternity. the silence was eventualy broken by the red alert siren went off.

andrew went to see who it was!

a 12 foot gigantusorus was in front. he shot his gun and killed the beast. andrew was a hero and gaind the respect of his coliges. 


a gun went off.  

Posted by Mary D. 04 Jun, 2009 08:25AM

stop using swearwords!smileysmiley

Posted by Lauren D. 18 May, 2009 04:27PM

What happend whan the gun went off second time.... Please tell me what happend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 18 May, 2009 11:13AM

Agian... *totally awesome*!!! ROFL i really love reading these smiley

Posted by Leif Ahnland 16 May, 2009 09:38PM

I must say you re quie nuts my dear. But your stories benefit all the more from that fact. There are some sentences here that display pure genius if I may be so bold. Bravo! Since you have a style all your own, it is difficult to come with suggestions for improvement although there might be some things that deserve attention. For one thing, the stories about Andrew are generally very random and things happen (or don't happen for that matter) when the poor reader tries to follow you. But it is at the same time part of what makes them so funny.

Keep at it. Once again though, try your hand at a longer session, if not for Andrews or your sake then at least for the sake of experimenting. It could be a lot of fun.

The Librarian