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Friends forever.....

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 08 May, 2009 03:55PM
Actually, the more i read the stories and poems that are posted, the more i realise just how damn good they all are.. and how inspiring. im pertty sure that *one day* ill get up the courage to actually write a short story.

In the meantime, this poem, like all the others was inspired by what i was feeling at the time. I had a tendancy to "wear my heart on my sleeve" and, as usual, i just *had* to blurt it out.

Writing in this format seems to do the trick. Id like to think that my "stuff" can be related to in once form or another and it moves the reader (hopefully moving them to reading teh next line!)

enough waffle, i hope you enjoy this one.....

Friends Forever

When you are in the barren desert,

Lost and cannot find your way,

Look for my love and friendship,

Ill see you safe this day.

Through good times, through bad times,

Through stormy weather and sunny days,

Hand in hand, friends forever,

We can walk together, always, come what may.

I have to be honest with you... i really had to work on this one, its one of the few that i felt i had to "tweak" to get it to flow/sound right (especially the last line.. it was a real bugger to get sounding halfway right!). not sure if it good poetry, but it says what i feel.

Posted by Mary D. 16 May, 2009 08:20PM

this is good, mayby put something about water?

Posted by Martin Oakshaft 12 May, 2009 05:02PM

Cool.. thank you for your comments. Its good to know that im not only on the right track, but my stuff is being enjoyed :)

Posted by Zoe Gibson 12 May, 2009 12:11PM

This flows perfectly. However you tweaked this, it worked. And thank-you, you have gotten the song 'ain't no sunshine...' out my head and replaced it with 'Come What May' from 'Moulin Rouge'. Sorry Alicia I just Prefere 'Come What May'

Posted by Alicia B. 08 May, 2009 06:43PM

I really like it(also the others I haven't commented on) Keep up the good work :D looking forward to more. I really like the whole flow of the poem :D