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another short *warning mush alert!*

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 06 May, 2009 11:47PM
um.. yeah, another short "poem". again, its not as good as some of the more... "passionate" ones. In fact, i personally think that its a bit understated - one of those times where i was just *bursting* with feelings, but i simply couldnt get them across.

I cant remember when i wrote this originally, or why i didnt expand on it (because when i feel like *that*, there is so much more inside me). Anyhoos, hope it does the trick to anyone who reads it, and its empathised with and/or enjoyed :)

My Love

Who are you? What spell have you cast?

My Love. What have you done to me?

Awakened my dreams, my ambitions, my strength.

Laid me bare, my soul is soaring.

I am free again.