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Alice in wonderland chapter 2

Jolie M.F.Posted by Jolie M.F. 24 Aug, 2009 07:06PM

‘OH dear, OH dear I shall be late’ declared a little voice. Alice looked up expecting to see one of the farmers boys cutting through the field for late supper but instead a round cotton tailed white rabbit with floppsie ears and a red nose appeared, wearing, a black satin waist coat, white immaculate cloves and clasping a golden pocket watch on a chain. Alice rubbed her eyes, not quite trusting them for a second. ‘Mr Rabbit’ she called after him mesmerised by the little creature and convince that something truly delightful must have accrued to tempt such a rabbit out of its warm burrow on such a cold day.

’I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date’ he whistled into the air as he sped passed not even taking a side ways glance, his stumpy legs moving rapidly and bringing up the dusty soil of the wood behind them before vanquishing into its murky depths.

The first paragraph of my version of Alice in wonderland

Jolie M.F.Posted by Jolie M.F. 27 Jul, 2009 09:32PM

It was a charming summers day just west of the coast with, a slight breeze which, sent the smell of salty richness from the sea drifting lightly across the neighbouring fields and streaking glitter through Alice’s honey coloured hair, as she lay silently drawing beneath a rather obliging old oak tree. Alice, as a young girl of nine often took it upon herself to venture out across the green moors after school to the peaceful tranquillity of the outdoors, taking with her, her sketch book filled to the brim with elegant little drawing of which, showed promise and was her pride and joy. Her Grandmother once said that everybody has a treasure and to dear Alice that was hers, her passion marked lovingly into every page. At that moment she was drawing one of many wild daisies which, inhabited her lush surroundings. With its creamy petals and orange face, propped up proudly by its smooth green stalk it was a perfect subject but as she finish shading a very strange thing happened.