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How to understand a nerd...

Connor BellPosted by Connor Bell 14 Nov, 2009 01:11AM
I'm sorry for this possibly not being meant for the blog, but this is hands down the best description of me I have ever heard in my entire life. I'm sure this counts for alot of nerds/geeks too. It is absolutely incredible, if any of you wish to understand or try to understand why a nerd is like they are, read this! It isn't very long, but it is absolutely incredible.

~Connor 'MakeShift' Bell

HewNoWriMo Challenge!

Connor BellPosted by Connor Bell 05 Oct, 2009 08:15PM
YAY! HewNoWriMo Forum is up and running. Just finished registering all you members and I'm happy to report that there is exactly 42 of us, which scares me a little.

I will post a link soon for you all, I will also make announcments at meetings on Mondays and Thursdays.

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The Hatred of Lag

Connor BellPosted by Connor Bell 21 Sep, 2009 09:27PM
It haunts you when you're sleeping, it haunts you when you're not. When you run around in circles, it follows you even then. To the shops and back, on your mobile phone, your gaming console, your computer at home.

Your amp or stereo, your keyboard you play. Your scanner or camera, your router your pen.

LAG SUCKS. I call for a Psuedo-Server change, so we may all live in peace. If this never happens, we will never be at ease.
Our curtains flutter, our bed posts creak, and Firefox sits frozen on the floor below. Angry, you pick up the phone. Mother, ISP, PC World and Maplin, they cry your parden, it is not them.

The Psuedo-Server is the cause, sniggering behind its master, Eric unknowing of his doom. For the server will soon fulfull it's purpose.

In a shower of silver sparks, it springs to life, infecting people, items, and the ground with it's dreaded lag. The website slows, the people stop to stare, they complain, they argue, a riot starts.

The server is replaced now, the old flying in space, ejected by the children of Hewett for being too mean and cranky.

Mr. Clauss sits in front of it, teaching it the ways. While silently wondering what will become of this server, in the future.

And above you, you see what happens when you don't plan your story/poem thing correctly, and it's too late to think. Kind of insults my usual writing style, but ah well. And it is meant to make a point, but it fails.

Critisism is not neccessary as I will personally sit there and tell you exactly what's wrong with it entirely, but if it insults you so badly you may if you wish.
=^_^= << I win, Leif.

^^ I win for not re-reading this thing, and I don't intend to either, I was doing it instead of my science homework/working on the new forum, which I may be posting updates on. If you wish to know the current status of the new Forum, follow me on twitter:

Virtual Chp1 Pt1

Connor BellPosted by Connor Bell 06 Jul, 2009 07:17PM
Beep, beeeeep, beep.
Morse code is the base of our computer universe, our electronics. The connecting electricity.

Tick, tick-tick, tick.
Electricity, buttons continuously allowing power through, then denying it.

Binary, the base language of all computers.

These three things are exactly the same concept, why do we use them? How did we get this far?


The beeping was beginning to get severely irritating. Beep. Beep. Beep. *SMASH*
I answered the phone quickly and with dignity, as displayed above. Though of course it wasn’t anybody interesting, just Rick with his daily update.
“You answer the same every day, can’t you just say ‘Hi’? I mean please, you could get up half an hour earlier?”
I hesitated before answering, taking the time to glance at the aluminium wall, projecting the newest news reports.
“Just to greet you? No. I see our newest job as been displayed on TheRegister.” I replied, with a hint of pride.
“Of course, don’t I make the best news leak?” he replied, even more proudly than me, if possible.
“Your ego is overwhelming.”
“Don’t I know it.”

Discussing the news was one of our ‘dailies’, we did these things almost every day, mostly because we were bored.
Most of these discussions surrounded the 3 mysterious hackers, most of the reasons for this, was because they were us two, plus an informer.

This informer really wasn’t very ‘informative’, considering he came along with us and gave us a hand, his name was Spenser.

“SPENSER HAS JOINED THE CONVERSATION” the computer read out melodramatically.
“Seen the news?” Was his usual response that we were expecting, we weren’t disappointed.
“Seen the news?”
“Of course we have, we do every day and it always contains us.” I replied testily. “And Rick just woke me up telling me, even though I already know.”

I say it ALWAYS contains us, but that's just my ego shining through again. It USUALLY contained us.

“But Con, it was out biggest job so far!”
“One: No names online. Two: Breaking into a bar? WOOOT, free VIRTUAL drinks and 250 credits….Come on, we need a real job.
“Well, if you two hadn’t butted in…” Rick interjected.
Rick was our contractor, he get’s us our jobs and we split the money, though of course, we all put our hands in.
“Oh FINE, I suppose we need one. What’cha got?” I interjected again, just to annoy him.
“A break-in. Bank, we can use the back route.”
“That’s still open?! I thought Joé blocked that years ago?” Said Spenser
“Nahh, lost a good load of credits from my account for the favour.” Replied Rick
*Insert hesitant silence here*
"And why are you two not stressing about breaking into a bank in broad daylight?" I said, hesitantly.
Rick replied, equally as hesitant, "Shouldn't be a problem...We did a bank before..."
"You made a mockup you pillock, MD5 encryption? Please, that hasn't been used in 40 years, took us about 0.0012385967812 seconds to break it."
"Took you 25 minutes to get past my log system though."
"OK! Stop staring at your aluminimum pieces of crap and get online will you? This headset is giving me a headache." interjected Spenser, breaking the argument.

Authors Note: This isn't even 1/3rd of chapter one, they haven't even got online, but I promised everybody I'd get it up by tonight :). I'll continue it and hopefully get the full of Chp1 finished.
And yes, this IS about a virtual world that is eerily similar to the matrix except not evil/controlled by evil robots etc. etc.
And I started writing this about 4 years ago before I'd even watched it, this is just a rewritten version, SO THERE WILL BE NO SHOUTING THAT I COPIED THE MATRIX! XD