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Eyes of blood

Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 03 Nov, 2009 06:54PM
Eyes red with rage,
I tremble in anticipation,
Edging closer.
Just, moments away.

It breaks,
As it meets my fist.
The vase shatters before me.

But it wasn't enough.
soft human flesh,
brittle bones,
was my true desire.


Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 23 Oct, 2009 10:30PM

It comes forth.
Crashing down
Rushing foward,
Crushing all in it's path.

Raging winds.
Destructive nature
non-exsisting sympathy.
Never ending torture.

Hazarzdous disasters
Deathes galore,
Broken families.


Nothing can reason with it.
It has no soul.
It can't be perdicted.
It can't be stop.

Glass person

Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 22 Oct, 2009 03:38PM
Glass person

How do you see?

What you see.

Am I glass?

You stare right thorough.

I’m hidden but on show.

Only your eyes are open

Like doors…

Delving deep to my soul.

My exterior fools you not.

My shell falls away.

Slowly I’m revealed

To be no more than myself.

Two Worlds

Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 21 Oct, 2009 10:09PM

Hi, wow 2 post in 2 days i wonder if i can keep this up. critacism welcome. the bits where bracket and used are because i'm not sure sure if it should be there or not please comment and give me your opinion on each one. Thanks

Two Worlds

It lies in wait.
I stare in horror,
Frozen in place.
It creeps near(er).

It's now or never.
I plundge in,
Leaving light behind,
Stepping(,) into another world.

It surrounds me,
Envelops me,
Crushes me,
My air escapes

I lose control,
Spiralling downwards,
Darkness dissapating...
My world ends.

Ignorance Or Confusion..?

Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 20 Oct, 2009 10:04PM
Hey guys it's been a while since i last posted. here is another poem. critisim welcome. would like to know if you think it flows.

Ignorance Or Confusion..?

Dropping aside,
Destroying me inside,
I fall apart.
Floating like dust.
All alone

Looking back,
I find myself asking,
Did it changed?
Then asking,
Why i even care?

What if...
I'd just let it go,
My fear, my mask.
Holding me ;
Grasping me.
Weighing on my heart!

A test of time.
Ignorance or confusion,
Which will surrender?

Alone with darkness

Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 15 Jul, 2009 12:14PM

I wrote this based on a past experience that lead to a repetitive dream that took the experince to a high level. The first 3 verses are based on reality and the last 2 are from the dream world. I don’t really like the title. Any constructive criticism welcome.

Alone with darkness.

As I stood there, faces made of wood stared back.

The cries of animals echoed all around me.

The fingers of darkness lay in wait,

And all I can do is stare back.

I am caught in a hurricane of emotion,

Fed by the emptiness all around me.

The fingers of darkness closing in,

And all I can do is stare back.

The moon gazes down on me,

But cannot penetrate the night.

The fingers of darkness grasp me,

And all I can do is stare back.

The darkness crushing me,

Building pressure, weighing me down.

The fingers of darkness strangles me,

My struggles in vein.

I cease to compete ,

My mind winds down.

The fingers of darkness break me,

And I see the orb of the night's steady glow.

paragragh 1 (heat wave)

Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 29 Jun, 2009 04:50PM

paragraph 1

The class was slouching and fanning themselves constantly; sweat dripping off their faces. Their eyes were losing focus; the cogs in the heads were no longer turning. Sound was just washing over them. The only sound audible to their ears was the dreaded burst of the school bell, symbolizing the start of break. A mixtures of moans and groans filled the gloomy atmosphere. Chairs sheeching on the reflective floor.


Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 02 Jun, 2009 12:15PM

Eeeeek! She just stared at her sister sprawled on the floor in front of her... Dead! People leaned over the bridge to see what all the commotion was about. Max, who had only just noticed that his sister, who was still breathing, was not following him anymore, rushed to both of his sisters; One dead. One alive.

"What are you doing down there?" he just managed to make his voice audiable as he climbed down the stairs, to his sisters side.

She raised her arm limply, pointing out the corpse, that only just caught her brothers attention; Moritifed by what he saw, he fell to his knees. He began to sob. Gripped between his vice like hands, hung his head. Smothered by the tears that streamed down his face.


The sun glowed in the clear, blue skies. Max and Kate soon got overheated, turned a distinct blood red, as the birds sung their devine morning duet, with their life long mate. The were surrounded by crowds of people on their daily commute to work. The busy streets rumbled with voices of the people around them, flesh touch flesh. Traffic started to pick up with buses and lorries, trucks and cars all heading towards their destinations.

Max and Kate were on their way to congratulate their older sister, on her engagement to he first boyfriend. Kate was only 10 and this was her first visit to London, as her sister only moved in a week ago, just to live with her fiancee. There was just so much to look at; She couldn't get over how busy it was, her eyes looked onto everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Soon to be finished being typed

Just A Dream Chapter 1

Zoe GibsonPosted by Zoe Gibson 09 May, 2009 02:41PM
This was something i wrote about a year ago i went though and found a lot of mistakes, but i bet i missed and/or made some more as i also added some stuff in. please read it and any your interpretation and criticism are welcome.

Chapter 1

It was a dawn, with bright skies ,a gentle warm breeze. In Ottawa, Ontario. The sun was just coming over the horizon , bringing a golden glow that spead across the land birds were singing thier sweet sensational songs. the five children were about to go on thier daily expodition for genaral nesscitiys there was; Matthew-Matt (16), Mary (14), Paul (11), Zack (8) and last but not least gabrielle (5).The meadow was lit by sun light the flowers that were just in bloom glisten with morning dew. In the distance were some trees.
As the five figures walked across the meadow with baskets for girls and axes for boys that the older ones carried except for Gabrielle. They braged about the things they would do and find on todays adventure, as only matt knew where they were going. "o'm gonna catch the most mouthwatering meat enyone 'as ever 'ad." Zack boasted.
"Yer rite lucky if y'can catch anyfing." Paul exclaimed.
"Y-y-yes i could." Zack started to sob.
"Come on you two." As Mary crouched down and took hold of Zack's hands, "i'm sure you'll catch a tremendous creature." She turned and stood giving Paul a look of caution. Then got back to her place stading infront of them next to gabrielle who was holding matts hand, gazing at the wolrd around her
paying no attention to anyone; she was lost in the world all around her, but not for long if matt hand anything to do with it. He cherished her and she adored him, he was like her dad as he died when she was little.
"so what are you planning on finding today" Matt requested with his usual charm
"Umm..."she said with alot of considerataion "a pony."
He chuckled "how about some berries." He suggested.
"Ok" she complied with a grin of a monkey.

Twenty minuits later.....
"Here we are" Matt bellowed
They were at a place were the meadow interlocked with a rocky terrain. A tree had fallen down next to the small water passage, no more flowers grew here but there was dark green grass that seemed to stand on end. In the oposite direction were a bunch of baby bushes and some more grass that was much longer than the other. Only by a little shorter than gabrielle.
"What are we going to find here" Mary inclined
"Well theres alot of wood there pointing at a broken down tree, a few berry bushes and a small channel of water"
"We can't live on berries and how are we going to catch fish " Mary stated wit a slight anoyance in her voice.
"We 'ave a big enough stock of food for today and most of this week, but not enough wood so that's our main concern today, Paul y'know how to make a fishin' net out here right."
"I certainly do" came his reply
"Well get to it den Zack you can help me."
"Yay" Zack screamed forgeting the fact that he wanted to catches an animal at the thought of being to help Matt for a change there sorted... you happy now" talking to Paul, then Zack and back to Mary
"yer s'pose so" she forced heself to say. Mary wansn't looking forward to a day of berry picking unlike gabrielle who had already started, knowing exactly the right ones to pick.

Three hours later there was a reasonably stack of wood, four baskets full of berrys, two of which Mary had taken home and bought back the baskets in a wheel barrow. For which Matt took back and forth only with wood stopping when the wood ran out and helping once more until the pile got large enough for another trip as he concidered Paul and Zack capable of cutting the wood themselves for a little while. A fishing net was complete and in use. Everyone seemed to be getting either very tired or extreamlly bored so they decided to take a break they started to eat a snack and have a drink that had been carried in a basket on the way here. Gabrielle wasn't really that hungry so only ate a little and had a tiny ammout of fluids and ended up finishing before anyone else, so she went for a little sight-seeing stroll, making sure not to wander too far. To her own amazement there were a lot of things too see for someone who was looking, she even found a place where she could get nuts, everyone would enjoyed that; she'd have to remember to pick some of thoses up on her way back. The best thing of all was a little gap in the wall, just past the long grass, after she made sure no one was looking she slipped though the gap with ease, the others would have found it a bit trickey but not impossible. When on the other side a small gasp escaped her lips as she study the sight all around. What she saw was beyond compare, ever so slightly in the distance was a waterfall, that made a mammouth plunge pool... that you could most likely swim in. The river whiched flowed after it was spectaular it sparkled as the sun hit it from almost directly above, but she didn't get to look for very long at her newly discovered secret.
"GABRIELLE" howled Matt, with a very worried tone, as he relised she was no where i sight.
"I'm laying in the long grass" came her hurried reply as she hurled herself though the gap into the the long grass, with her heart pounding she tried to lay in the long grass and look calm. With in seconds he was there pulling her into an embrace as he scolded her softly with an apprehensive tone.
"I'm sorry" she mumbled "The long grass looked so comfortable, i was feeling a little tired and..." she was cut off
"It's ok, i was just worried" came his soft reply "Just tell someone next time you decide to wander off out of sight...Ok?"
"Ooo.."but before she could answer he had let go of her and went back to the others to get them to start working and tell them she was safe, so she just lie there thinking about what she had just done... or what she hadn't done, depending on how you looked at it. She... for once in her life hid something from Matt; It was her secret, a fantasy world, a place she could go and be
alone if she wanted to. She wasn't going to tell Matt... well at least not straight away. If she knew Matt well enough - which she did they would be here tomorrow, and even though she doen't usually come out three times in a row, she was planning to this time.