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proposal for BIG project

Vanessa B.Posted by Vanessa B. 15 Mar, 2010 05:06PM

I need ideas on how to take this further. I would like to make this into a long novel, like the librarians revenge sort of length. I dont really have any ideas of timescales yet but I think it would be best if it wasn't one.

This is a very vague sypnosis for my novel, I would appriciate you ideas based on this:

- a woman who is about 16 or 17 and her family are very strong protestants. it is set around the eary years of Mary Tudors reign, but some of the prolougue is before this in the later years of henry 8ths reign when the whole of england of .

- the woman and her family are thrown into a prison, from which they are to be burned at the stake for refusing to reform to catholicism. The story takes place over a few days.

- she is in one cell on her own, and there is royal guards outside of the cell. After a long plight and struggle, she is in the cell but is crying and screaming - like a baby.

- one of the guards is about the same age as her, forced to work in service to the queen of face the same punishment.

- like one of those love at first sight moments, they fall in love, like romeo & juliet. they see eachother accross a crowded room, the whole prdictable love story. they vow through the bars of her cell to get her and her family out of this place.

- like in Dan Browns work, the whole right to the knuckle, the future of humanity depends on it sort of descision, they risk their lives to save their family from being burned at the stake.

- they manage to escape and save their family from death at Marys hands. They all live happily ever after (like a twisted faily tale) and the main woman and get married and kids and all that lardy daa.


Vanessa B.Posted by Vanessa B. 24 Sep, 2009 04:23PM

this will feature in a story coming soon!!!

i apologize if i offended anyone


Vanessa B.Posted by Vanessa B. 12 Sep, 2009 05:17PM

smiley12th sept 09

plz tell me what you think of this cos i need some opinions for whether i should use it for gcse coursework!!!! thanks lol PS, if i have already shown it to you, there is some drastic alterations so plz read!!!!!


His folly, his whim, his desire.

He sent me here. He sent his obedient, loving and faithful wife here. All for the sake of a stupid and determined whore. I go from the highest position a woman can get to, in command of a country, to the lowest, in the same amount of time as it takes her to convince him that this is the right thing to do - which isn't long.

His folly, his whim, his desire.

For every second of the day I pray at my prie dieu to His Holiness the Pope in Rome that their marriage is cursed, that she dies in childbirth, he dies of grief and leaves no heir. If she does bare a healthy child then that child is a bastard in the eyes of me, His Holiness the Pope in Rome and God Himself. For my daughter Mary, the only true heir, will take my place even though she is only eleven years old, and be a good queen for England and for Spain.

His folly, his whim, his desire.

Such power men have over women, to throw me into a place like this. The walls and floor are horrible and damp. Nothing like the beautiful Alhambra Palace, my childhood home that my parents fought for and won. Instead of a beautiful fountains with little streams of clean, flowing water drifting into different rooms, there a river. A river that is so full of s*** and p*** that you can practically see it floating around.

His folly, his whim, his desire.

I allowed him to have a mistress, as an obedient wife should do. He abused my trust. All I ask for is to remain queen, even though I am barren. surely it is better to have a strong king with an faithful wife, rather than a strong king with a wife that will stop a nothing to get what she wants. She will betray him and she will die for it, I pray to god that it is at my hands, if i could ever get out of this horrible place.

His folly, his whim, his desire.

One thing that I know is that my whole life would be different if my dearest Arthur would still be here. We would have had the finest royal marriage in history. Our girls would have founded great dynasties and the boys would make the best kings there has ever been. It is my last wish to be lain to rest next to Arthur, but His Grace the King would never allow it. Even if he didn't know our great lie.

His folly, his whim, his desire.



Vanessa B.Posted by Vanessa B. 10 Sep, 2009 09:14PM

10th sept 2009

they know were you live, and what computer you are sitting at to read this. they know every little detail of all your posts onto this website. they know what posts you have read, and the ones that you have given bad comments to. you only have one week to achieve this, should you choose to accept it. if you do not then all your current posts will be deleted. if you do not want this, then i suggest that you read closely. you are to have a total of 100 submitted posts, including the ones that you have already submitted. if you suceed in your task, then you and all those bad comments will be forgotten about. should you fail, then your punishment will be forthcoming.


writers block

Vanessa B.Posted by Vanessa B. 10 Sep, 2009 08:44PM

sept 10th, 2009

as i sit here writing this, i sense something. something i cant explain. i stare at the books at the top of the page, wondering why there is an eye one of them, and in another, a flower. you get told 'never judge a book by its cover' - but life is to short. i am guessing that that something that i sense, is...

writers block.smiley


Vanessa B.Posted by Vanessa B. 10 Sep, 2009 04:11PM

10th Sept 09

Yellow as the sun, and the light reflects onto the the backs of unruly seagulls as they hover over the sea, looking for fish to catch unawares as the evening light dissapears.