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benny the elephant special edition.

Benjamin S.Posted by Benjamin S. 01 May, 2009 10:22AM

evr since benny the elephant was a kid he wanted to be an astronaut and i this story his dream comes true.

benny had just woke up and was on his way to work. he worked as a snake tamer although sometimes he got hurt by the rattle snake when he tried to dance with it. but today wasnt a good day for him because all the snakes died of venom. the manager explained to benny that they were all fighting about who liked benny the best. benny went home to relax and stare up at the stars. he saw a shoting star fly by and made a wish except he couldnt think of one. the star was fading and benny still hadnt thought of something to wish for. then he thought of being an astronaut and then screamed I WISH I WAS AN ASTRONAUT as loud as he could. nothing happened so he went to bed.

when he woke up he wasnt at home, he was in a space ship. he looked out the window and he was in space. they lannded on the moon and he put the elephant flag in the moon. he was the first elephant on the moon. he started doing the moonwalk when suddenly little green aliens started grabbing him and pulling him to their lair. they hooked him up to a machine that showed his memories of everything. they were trying to get data to go to earth and live there in peace but benny wouldnt let that happen.he pulled the wires out of his head and ran back to the ship but the aliens followed.he got in just in time before they go their guns out.

benny arrived home safely and just forgot about the whole thing. although he did bring a little souvenir from the moon and that was a little green alien. he went to sleep and in the morning he tried to tell people that he was an astronaut but no one believed him so he just kept it a secret for now.