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bone face

Ariella W.Posted by Ariella W. 30 Apr, 2009 08:19PM

ths a story that im working on. Youll get a chapter every week ,or so i hope, it starts like this



"Mummy tell me about the face stealers again." Said the little boy of about 7, wrapped up in his bed."very well then but this is the last time before next week ive told it to you about 12 times already." his mother said. "8 times actually." He justified. "wellthen ishould hope you know how it starts then." "Of course i know ,it starts in the old part of town where all the big fancy houses are." "Thats right and it about it was made up about 200 hundred years ago, on a dark and gloomy night.the time was about twelve , midnight , when it usally happened, any one who was folish enough to be out side at that time was never seen can only make three mistakes and then your gone. It was on such night that Lady Lucy was coming hurridley back from a masked ball , she stepped down from her carriage when she saw movement in the shadows. She froze. That was mistake noumber 1. Lady Lucy ,unfortunetly , then made mistake number 2. By trying to run into her house. but that only made the shadow lurker even more intersted and as always It caught her It always caught its prey. She screamed for help as she felt deahtly cold fingers wrap around her wrist. she tried to hit out at whoever or whatever, had gripped her. but as she looked into its face she could tell she was already dead , for the person had no face just a gaping black hole. sh struggled to get away and screamed for help again. all of these errors were mistake number 3. the moment the thing lunged forward as if to kiss here but instead when it came back up she to had no face just a gaping hole . from then on lady Lucy was never seen again. no body know what happened to her husband and kids or the whole family at that, they just dissapered.good night ben" his mother whispered ,kissed him on the forhead and crept quietly out of his room. Now this is meant to of happened 200 hundred years ago and if you asked anyone then they would all say that it was a myth but as you will find out it really did happen. hundredds of people diissapeared and no none cam say where...