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C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Georgina Harris 30 Apr, 2009 05:21PM

Afternoon folks...

Thanks for a really productive session today writing about all things Librarian...

Please post your work under the category 'C.W. Hewett' for all to see!

The next session

We've been talking about the idea that the texts the Librarian reads influence him somehow. At yesterday's 6th form meeting we talked about creating a series of texts of different genres (types.)

It would be fab if, for the next session you can make, you could have a go at writing in a specific style. Many of the group members who came today have already chosen one but here is the full list for those of you who couldn't make it...

Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime, Drama, Modern Novel, Non-fiction, Self-help, Graphic Novel, Romance, Poetry, Action/Thriller, Diary, 'Classic' Text, or even 'Religious' book!

You can click 'Edit' on this post and put your name next to the one you fancy tackling!

Until next time, yours creatively...

P.S. If you need a little extra help with how to write in a certain style, there are a range of books called 'Write Your Own...' in the Library which might be useful for you! You can find them shelved under the number 808.3.