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INFORMATIONPosted by Georgina Harris 30 Apr, 2009 10:17AM

Calling all followers of the work of C. W. Hewett...

Yesterday afternoon, Geoffrey, Georgie, Joe, Mr. Ahnland and Miss. Harris met at Horace Blue to discuss the life and times of the Librarian.

The questions we wanted to answer were...

1. Who is the Librarian?

2. What was the apocalyptic event which turned the Library into a sanctuary?

3. What and where is the Librarian's building?

4. How should our stories relate to/sit with each other?

After a long and interesting discussion about all of these things, the following proposals were made....

1. The Librarian might start reading younger texts such as Nursery Rhymes and move on to more complex and 'difficult' texts. We think the Librarian is quite poor at relating to other people and uses books to understand the world around him. He will probably fall in love at some point, so could read romantic fiction to deal with his emotions. Perhaps he will murder someone/ witness a murder, and turn to crime fiction to help him process this. We'd really like him to read a play, or Act of drama, some non-fiction and possibly even some self help!

2. We talked about the idea of a 'Perfect Storm' bringing about the downfall of present society. Many ideas were banded about questioning the current state of the world--is the Librarian in a world of severe drought? Flooding? Post-nuclear waste? This still needs some discussing. Miss. Harris is going to come up with a proposal, but ideas from everyone would be really helpful please!

3. We discussed the idea of the Librarian's building. The Hewett itself was talked about as a great place for a sanctuary, with its many facilities, sturdy structure and secure gates and fencing. There was also an idea of the Library being a second-hand bookshop, not unlike the one opposite the Cathedral, and perhaps even a boat! Geoff suggested that the Library might actually be several buildings or houses joined together, where the Librarian starts off occupying one room and expands into the block as a whole. Joe is going to have a bit more of a think about this.

Mr. Ahnland said that the story could be based around the people who enter the Library, the 'Library community.' Georgie and Miss. Harris had the idea of the Librarian as a cataloguer of events, perhaps the type of person who would modify and update maps according to the environmental situation outside.

4. Mr. Ahnland had the idea that as the Librarian goes about reading different genres of texts (see point 1 for more details!) perhaps each group member could 'take' one of these genres. Mr. Ahnland is going to come up with a list of genres for the group to look at.

***Other news***

The next 6th Form meeting will be next Wednesday, May 6th, 5pm at Frank's Bar*.

Come one and all for tea, biscuits and creative chatter!!!

*Thanks to Joe's organisational skills