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benny the elephant rides again

Benjamin S.Posted by Benjamin S. 29 Apr, 2009 12:44PM

if you have read benny the elephant you will know he is a scientist but is also a bit greedy.

benny likes to travel in time but things change when he does travel in time so he does it very rarely. benny is waiting for a bus to go to the zig zag zoo so he could see his mother and father. when he gets there he finds out that his mother and father isn't there. he goes to the information desk and asks where his mum and dad is but they had no record of them.

benny searches high and low in the zoo for them but he had no luck. he asks the monkeys and they said they saw them passing a minute ago . he followed that wayand eventually he finds them at the snack bar. benny was really mad but calmed down and had a drink of coca cola. benny went home as he was tired and had a head ache. he went to see them the next day and he had to find them again. oh well benny maybe put a lock on their cave.