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benny the elephant

Benjamin S.Posted by Benjamin S. 29 Apr, 2009 12:31PM

benny the elephant entered a raffle for the prize of 1 MILLION POUNDS and he won but he wasnt aloud the money until he was 55 years old. benny the elephant is a scientist and once before he made a time machine so he used it to go into the future to when he was 55 years old. he saw himself with the money in his old wrinkly hands. he mugged himself and got back to his normal time.

he spent his money on a sweet shop and ate all the sweets in 5 minutes. but he felt bad because the money was a waste so he went back in time to stop himself buying the sweet shop and the went forward in time to stop himself from mugging his 55 year old self.

it was a success and he completely ignored the fact that he got smacked in the mouth for mugging himself. oh well maybe next time benny.