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feeling wistful and mushy :)

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 29 Apr, 2009 01:09AM
ok.. so i have a really rather *dark* "poem" that i was going to submit, but i think that i will leave that for another time....

.. instead this is a subject that i really wanted to try to describe. sometimes pure feelings and raw passions can really only be felt, be experienced, but this was something that i just *had* to try to put down in words. The words themselves do not do my feelings any justice, they simply cannot compare to the way ones heart and soul can simply sing in certain moments....

unfortunately, this is a "rough" copy - i had lost the paper original years ago. i *think* that this is a pretty good facsimile, and i really hope that everyone can experience something similar at least once in their lifetime.....

The alchemy of love

Lying together, we start the spell.
Slowly kissing, the magic is borne.
Touching, caressing, feeling the beat of our hearts,
The rhythm, the contact, the love.

Slowly at first, the magic builds.
Sensuous and enticing, we feel the electricity surge.
Cries of passion, we chant an ancient language never forgotten.

The magic is strong now,
Compelling, urging us forward.
Our souls connect, our bodies merge.

Soaring upwards, exploding in a supernova of light.
Spinning in the stars, we are one.
The spell is complete.