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Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 27 Apr, 2009 11:26PM

The "poetry" that i have written was really only meant for *me*, it was a way to put down strong feelings and to "get them out of my system".

I am by no means a poet, or a writer. in fact i dont even *know* how to structure a peom, or what the "rules" are.

Anyway... "Emotion" was written a while back. I wont bore you with the background, ill just show it and let you decide how it makes *you* feel. Please dont hesitate in commenting, i welcome any critisism (or praise, for that matter!)


I see her in my minds eye

She has grace with a subtle undercurrent of will

A force waiting to be unleashed

I see her

My mind and body swirls in an eddy of emotions

So alien and yet so alive

My heart is trapped

Not love, not lust but a meeting of souls

She is my friend, my confidant

I want to tell her but i cannot

I could lose her friendship forever

Silently i thank her and weep at a destiny that will never be