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the advertures of andrew the sausage

Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 27 Apr, 2009 04:24PM

andrew the sausage and the competition:

RING RING, RING RING. the phone rang. andrew ran to anwser it (it was quite hard as he was in the shower, and was trying to desperatly hide his deccency, as he had no curtians). "hi would you like to take part in a competition?" there was a long pause "yes i would" andrew said confidently

"please leave your name, adress and an avalable contact number, after the bleep, BLEEP!" andrew then left his name, address and phone mnumber, as the recording had requested.

1 month later, andrew recieved a call to say "YOU HAVE WON A COMPETITION! CONGRETELATIONS!" he jumped with up with glee, and his trouses fell down because he didn't wear a belt, that was not the most shocking thing is he didn't wear any boxers what a suprise mrs dwarf across the road got, she almost fainted.

that was a eventfull day. too be continued ....................................