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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Just a Taster...

Solomon HillPosted by Solomon Hill 27 Apr, 2009 04:02PM

WARNING! The following text is quite gruesome and can be scary. Proceed at your own risk. The Librarian

sorry about any spelling mistakes... This was written in a hurry. ENJOY ;)

Making a mark

tick, tock, tick, tock, that was almost every thing that was going through adrians head, every second it came closer, every second he gets further... but not enough. running just keep running he told himself. but it was a vain hope as he would get tired, his persuer would not. tick, tock, thud, thud, quiet. aidrian slowed a bit then the beast was upon him. Rpping his jacket off then slowly cutting open his back screams filled the air. Bood changing the colour of the road. then for the kill, a loud crunching noise stopped the screams. a severed head was held high, along with black and red spine... well half of it. swinging the spine by it tip around the beasts head, it let go and off flew the head, a beautiful yet discusting sight for all that would have saw. then the fun bit ripping limb from limb drinking the blood, toying with the body, once the beast was bored with the body it picked up the remains slung them ouver his back and pounced off into the darkness. blood spattering anything behind it. the beast had come to make it's mark, and oh boy had it!!!

By the Horror Addict