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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 03 Nov, 2009 07:28PM
An old soul creeping through life.
No beginning, end, comfort or strife.

Trapped in a shadow of darkness, lurking in the midsts of time.
It has no rhythm, it has no rhyme.

The clock is ticking but it doesn't age,
In the depths of history, it takes the centre stage.

Singing an illustrious, melodic tune.
It lasts forever but it's gone to soon.

A fleeting moment, something strong you must share.
You'll despise it viciously but caress it with care.

It controls your life more than you and I,
It will say hello as it says goodbye.

So time passes by but it still doesn't age!
It free's us in the same moment it locks us in a cage.

It will make you depressed yet feel sublime.
Love is so strong it lasts way beyond time...