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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Tom W. V. 27 Oct, 2009 10:26PM

Tobias looked out onto the grassy plains thoughtfully. The armies of King Terranus has assembled on the horizon and had made camp, the shouts and laughter of the men could be heard from all the way to Tobias. He turned and extended his arm toward the target dummy infront of him and close his eyes, the dummy blew apart sending fragments of wood and hay in every direction, Tobias swept the beads of sweat from his brow and walked back to his tent.
Next day Tobias could be found standing in formation with the Resistance facing the oncoming storm of the Kings men, most of the men around him stood huddled and whispers shot here and there, Tobias however stood back straight and eyes focused on the movement before him.
"How do you stand like that sire?" asked one the men next to him
"What do you see before us?" asked Tobias facing the man, gesturing out to the plains
"Why the Kings army of course sire, certain death" replied the man shaking slightly
"That is exactly why I do not stand huddled, I do not see death. I see new life, for if we defeat the army then the Kingdom can proper and be healthy again, and that thought of a land without tyranny and death around us. Means I could face any foe and still now cower" Tobias looked back and said no more. The men went away and started whispering again. A roar echoed from the depths of the Kings men and Tobias saw a huge beast arise within it and start to walk toward the Resistance, many of the men surrounding Tobias, blanched and starting panicing. Tobias sighed and walked forward, standing in front of the Resistance facing the giant. He closed his eyes and extended his hand concentrating fiercly, the giants hand began to tremble and suddenly bones snapped and the huge club fell to the ground making a crater big enough to bury the whole Kings army. Tobias looked up and saw the huge figures of the dragons flying high above him. He drew his sword and charged at the Kings men bellowing a challenge, man behind him ran too, shouting and banging weapons against their sheilds.
The two armies met in a roar of sound and Tobias jumped, 5, 10. 20, 40 feet on to the giants shoulder and stabbed his sword into its neck.


... The giant bellowed in rage and flailed its arms madly knocking both Kings men and the Resistance flying. Tobias held on as the giant fell back, flattening several unlucky men and jumped off. For the next few hours Tobias only knew the battle, he twisted and swirled, his sword dealing fatal blows everytime it struck. Magic also crackled from his finger tips cooking men inside their armour, their screams echoed from the remains as they flailed around. Tobias stopped and looked around at the carnage he'd left in his wake, panting he looked around and saw the remains of the Kings men flee'ing back toward their camp. An ivory horn sounded and the Resistance started slowly moving back too, thousands of lives had been lost, both armies were severly crippled and it would be several week's before anyone was able to fight again. Tobias ran back, bounding across the plains to the command tent at the back of the army, he sheilded his sword and stepped through.
"My lady" he bowed and inclined his head to Katrina Amagon, the leader of the Resistance.
"You dont not need to bow to me, Tobias, you know that. You mustve killed hundreds today, such a fete has not been achieved for a very long time" replied Katrina smiling slightly
"Thank you, I only came to ask why we did not persue the Kings men?" asked Tobias
Katrina laughed, "You may be fit, but most of the Resistance either died or are wounded, very few are able to even pick up a sword at this moment, I have our healers working round the clock to help them, but even they are finding it a tough job to keep everyone alive. Tobias nodded and left his tent, he then walked slowly to his own tent on the far side of camp and fell onto his bed thinking.


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