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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Ocean MayPosted by Ocean May 23 Oct, 2009 08:45AM

She made it. The skinny figure of Jessica sat crossed legged in a small cabin room sheared with 3 others. She had made it aboard the black eye. Her and her friend had creped on to the black eye and been mistaken for men she was now on the way to Venice were her sweetheart was fighting the war against Spain. If the worst came to the worst Jessica had decided that she would bravely go into battle against the Spanish, she just had to find her fiancé, even if it meant she would find him with only a few seconds left of life or non at all.

Suddenly the ship jerked, Jessica heard the sound of angry voices then the sound of a cannon if it was there’s or hers Jessica didn’t know.

She hugged her knee’s tight, rocking back and forwards, she could her someone walking steadily down the corridor and hoped it was Vanessa her friend. But when the door opened it was not Vanessa coming in but a tall man with a sweaty face and a vary girly figure.

He climbed onto the bunk above Jessica. He started unpacking his things and putting them out on the bed. As he was moving around Jessica spotted a purple necklace.

She gasped the man spun around and Jessica could tell by the fear in his eye’s that something was wrong she couldn’t figure it out all she wanted was to say is she loved it and to ask were he got if from .But Vanessa came in at that moment.

She sighed and looked Jessica strait in the eye.

“ god is it hard work being a man…” she stopped seeing the man.

“ it’s ok I’m in the same situation as you, I’m looking for my son he’s in the army I…..”

Vanessa and Jessica were standing opened mouthed at her to find someone like them they thought would be vary hard but to be shearing a cabin she would have thought that impossible.

“We now only have to hope that are last member is a nice guy, I don’t think our lucks going to last that long. The sound of heavy footsteps thudded down the ships narrow corridors and Jessica stopped in her tracks. She prayed the footsteps would continue down the corridor and held her breath, but her fears came true when the footsteps stopped directly outside the door and the sound of someone leaning against the door.

“I locked it.” Jessica whispered.

“Let me in, I tell you, oi do you hear…” A large booming voice called out and all three girls shudder. This was going to be one hard journey.

Three days later after hard, challenging work, the girls where called up to deck. The view they saw was rewarding, hopeful and yet vary sad and pathetic.

Her fiancé was here, in amongst all the terror and horror. He was fighting for his life, for people that wouldn’t appreciate it in the future. She quickly rushed down to her sheared cabin and grabbed her small bag of few belongings, that she had deard to take with her. She wanted to lose as little time as possible.

She scanned the street of hurt soldiers and crying children, as they drew close to the harbour. Everyone was waving and crying as there sea men arrived home. Elizabeth fought back tears, her fiancé should be out there waving her ini and then she saw a most petrifying amazing thing ever.

Her fiancé was waving at her from a wheelchair pushed by a older looking nurse, his grin was nearly the size of Jessica’s, though not quiet, as the two lovers where rejoined.