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the poor dolphin

Chantelle B.Posted by Chantelle B. 21 Sep, 2009 04:31PM

Once there was a small and lonley dolphin named chloe she was very poor and every one always took the mikey out of her and she was very upset and she had been beatin up that day and all her mate have turned aganist her she never had any friends that she was called a loner ans a loser.that next day all her mate said thay were sorryand thay were only jokein that they were not her mate an every thing was back to normal exsept from the big bullies.

one day she was swimming about with her new friends because it just turned her birthday she was now afishal 12 years old then on the news that night there was an dolphin catchers and she found out that one of her friends have been caught she was very up set she would not ewat her dinner.She went to school the next morning and every where she went she looked out for the hook chloe was very frightened and so really scared because one of her friends got caught she willget caught.

that next year vthe hook was still about but not as much now but chloe was still upset and scared coz one of her friends was dead coming back from school that dayevry thing was alright just until she was caught by the hook she tried and tried to get away she gave up coz chloe was caught she couldn`t do any thing about it she died.on the news that night they said there was another dolphin caught then her mium and dad saw that it was chloe and that was the end of the lonley dolphin.