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benny the elephant zombie style

Benjamin S.Posted by Benjamin S. 10 Sep, 2009 08:23AM

if you have already seen the other adventures of benny the elephant then you may read this, if not well...... GO SEE THE REST!!!

benny was dead in his grave. (wow this might get boring just being in a grave but not really dead, oops werent supposed to tell you that) yes yes yes he's not dead he just faked it.

he didnt have much space in his 10 ft coffin cos his mum and dad were in there as well still alive. they all tried to escape but never worked but they never thought of pressing the button that said '' free the elephants'' but they cant read. but benny liked red buttons so he just pressed it. earthquakes came, nuclear warheads went boom boom i mean exploded.

they were free yippee. wait a minute that means i have to write more stories. so not fair. next time benny will have a mohawk and wear a pink hat and red dress hahahaha. but the really bad thing was his face was upside down, his bum was on his tummy and one eye was on his foot. lets just say he's now an ugly zombie and the only girlfriend he'll get is frankenstein's wife.

benny stole ice creams cos he was hungry. he stole monkey's cos he was hungry and worst thing is that he ate the whole building of mcdonald's. but who can stop him. superman can. he came flying down but benny opened his mouth and superman was swallowed. ok what about batman.he came gliding down but benny sucked him through his trunk. but there was one more hero who could save the town. its ugly crazy dude!!!!

he let benny swallow him and saved superman and batman. benny died and they carried him to his mum where they wanted to eat him cos he was full of mcdonalds