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boys nightmare

Benjamin S.Posted by Benjamin S. 09 Sep, 2009 01:56PM

have had many adventures in my years but this one is the worst. it all started when i was 7 when my friend dave and I were playing with our playdough but dave wanted to take mine but i didnt let him. then he just walked out in a mood.

for 4 years dave has always wanted to hurt me just because of that day and he was now a bully and has chased me with his gang called 4.3. i never liked them and they never liked me.

its tuesday and im walking home from school when suddenly here they come on their bmx's. i start running but they're just that one bit faster than me so i decide to hide in an abandoned house. i wasnt too sure but i had to if i wanted to get away. opening the door as fast as i can i get in. luckily the door was open if not i would have been worse than a scrambled egg.

as i'm walking i hear footsteps and not just my footsteps. someone else was here. i open a door but it is a dead end except it was filled with bats and this green goop that was bubbling on the floor. it smelt worse than a five week old rotten sandwich. i try another door and theres a candle light on the shelf so i take it.

COME TO ME!!! that was the voice i kept hearing and it was getting louder. No one heard from him again on that night.