The Librarian's Revenge ©

The Librarian's Revenge ©

An Odyssey Into The Wonderful World Of Words

This community is dedicated to C.W. Hewett's epic masterpiece


Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 24 Apr, 2009 08:10PM

Two red eyes glared back at me. A thunderous growl tore through the silence that surrounded me and this wild creature in front of me. I shook uncontrollably; unable to look away from those eyes that held my gaze. A large, grey wolf strolled out from the deep, darkness that surrounded me; it seemed to glide towards me. The beat of my heart matched every agonizing step the wolf took; the tension flew through my veins as freely as my blood. Suddenly a set of white fangs stared back at me glistening in the dim light that emanated from a small candle, flickering near the window; only briefly taking my attention from those eyes.

In an instant two shots darted through the room. A ferocious howl of pain filled the space around me; the last noise to come from the creature. The wolf stumbled to the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood. I dropped down on my knees and began to sob as shock had decided to let itself known in me. A man stood in the doorway, framed by the scene that surrounded him. A pistol was in his left hand loosely balancing on his finger.